Sunday, July 18, 2010

Committee untuk Doping Centre USM

Assalamua'laikum semua....

Di sini name list for committee for our visit to doping centre USM...(tempat sebenar belum di'decide' lagi) -

The Doping Control Centre (DCC) is a service and research centre providing organic and inorganic analysis for various local and international authorities, research institutes and private companies requiring evidential and forensic testing for regulatory and research purposes.

so,,this committee please be prepared,,further announcement or meeting will be told by Helmi Yob (pm visit)

Program manager: Helmi b Yob
Asst. P.Manager: Fatihah Muhsinin
Program coordinator:Lutfi
Asst. P.coordinator: Ummu Habibah
Secretary: Amal S
treasurer: Jaa & syafinaumiera
PIC transport: Helmi Rahmat
PIC special task:Khaliffa


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