Monday, April 5, 2010

Students' Rights

Students have a right to:
-be treated fairly and consistently in all aspects of the assessment policy and practices;

-be informed of all aspects of the assessment policies and practices in each course; including the criteria to be met and penalties for breaches;

- the timely return of their work on specific assessment tasks, allowing for error correction;

- information and feedback which prompt them to self-evaluate, adjust, and attune their own performance against the criteria for each course and the performance of other students;

-be informed of appeal processes.

Students have a responsibility to:
a. ensure that they are properly enrolled and that they observe attendance and disciplinary rules; otherwise they may be refused assessment;
b. be aware of the rules of progression and requirements for graduation;
c. inform themselves on the University policies about academic honesty, legitimate cooperation, plagiarism and cheating, and timely submission of work;
d. ensure that they understand the requirements for examinations and other assessment tasks;
e. ensure that the submitted assessment tasks are their own work; group-work is clearly acknowledged;
f. be aware of the means for seeking assistance and advice on assessment, including appeals and dispute resolution;
g. seek advice from the course authorities if they are confident that particular assessment tasks are not fair, either in terms of the workload or proportion of allocated scores;
h. be aware that a major objective of assessment is the promotion of learning; for each course, a reasonable proportion of the final grade comprises scores that they have obtained from alternative assessment tasks;
i. use assessment to develop strategies for learning and self assessment.

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