Friday, April 16, 2010

NoGAPS 2010 Programme

Description on the Programmes

  • Sympsosium
A forum to discuss on the latest and upcoming challenges that is faced by Pharmacists in Malaysia and how a Pharmacist can play a leading role in the changing fa├žade of the Healthcare system. The theme for the symposium will be centered on “Pharmacy…..Leading the Wave of Change”.
  • PharmRace
The tentative venue will be Taman Jubli Perak.
  • Community Service
NoGAPS 2010 will focus on promoting our profession as a part of Community Service. It will be held in Secondary Schools around Sungai Petani. There will be 2 activities carried out; interaction with the students, our target is Form 4 and Form 5 students. The other activity will be booth display regarding the various roles that a Pharmacist plays.
  • Workshop
The proposed theme for the Workshop is “Discover the Leader in You”. A speaker will be invited to conduct this Workshop.
  • PCE (Patient Counseling Education)
PCE is included in NoGAPS 2010 in pursue to globalize NoGAPS as PCE is an annual event in International Pharmaceutical Student Federation (IPSF) Congress. Each university can send in 2 representatives. From the preliminary round, the top 5 with highest point will be selected for the Final Round. Ms.Jane Ho from Taiwan and pharmacist from Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim will be invited as well to be the Judges.
MyPSA AGM is conducted once in two years. A new committee will be elected to lead MyPSA for the next two years. The MyPSA Exco has required 4 hours for the AGM.
  • Post NoGAPS Tour
This tour is conducted after the completion of NoGAPS 2010 programmes. It is not compulsory for all the participants but only for participants who are interested.
The tentative venue is a tour to Thailand. No passport is required as we will be making a group passport. The budget is estimated around RM 200-300 per person.
The programme is still in discussion. Once complete detail is obtained, it will be circulated to all the universities.


J4J4 said...

slm, kpd sesiapa yg confirm nak join NoGAPS, sila hantar maklumat berikut kpd sy, tak perlu isi/hantar borang pape..

1. Name spt dlm ic
2. No. ic
3. Year of study...
4. Size t-shirt
5.Join post-Nogaps tour atau tidak
6. Allergic/Vegetarian/Medical condition
7. Method of transport (nak naik ape..kereta/bas/flight??)
8. Date of arrival/departure

Anonymous said...

due date utk bg name kalu nk join bpe aribulan?