Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Pharmacist.....



The Professional Standards Are:
(a) Health and Safety of Patient or Clients – Do we really provide the safe medicines to our patients?
(b) Professional Relationship With Patient or Clients – Are we enough professional?
(c) Autonomy, Values and Dignity of Patient or Clients
(d) Respect and Protect the Patient’s or Client’s Right of Confidentiality – Do we really protect the patient’s confidentiality?
(e) Respect the Rights of Patients or Clients to Receive Pharmacy Services – Do we respect the patients’ rights?

I quoted some interested information!

A pharmacist when providing any professional service or intervention must do so on the basis of accurate and current information for which they are qualified in their area of competence and within their scope of practice. The pharmacist shall maintain the highest professional standard in the discharge of his professional service to his patients or clients.

Pharmacists must have specialized knowledge about medicines, health related products, medicinal and complimentary therapies and are expected to use this knowledge to benefit their patients or client

Pharmacists are aware of the limitations of their knowledge and skills and refer patients to appropriate health care professionals when they are unable to meet the needs of their patients or clients.

Pharmacists are committed to each patient or client regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or health.

Confidential information is disclosed only in cases where the patient or client (or the patient’s or client’s agent) provides consent, where the law demands or where disclosure will protect the patient or clients or others from harm.

Pharmacists do not abuse drugs or alcohol, do not condone the abuse of drugs or alcohol by colleagues or co-workers and report, without fear, such abuse.

Pharmacists should continuously improve their levels of professional knowledge and skills by continually evaluating and improving their professional competence.

Notification of the availability of 24 hour pharmacy services may be on doorplate pertaining to practicing hours of the pharmacist or on the existing pharmacy signboard. Registered pharmacists having valid licence should be available at all times and his availability should be within a reasonable period of time not exceeding 30 min.

A pharmacist shall not participate in the promotion of a drug which involves the supply of such drug without discrimination to his patient or client or which by-passes his professional function.

Let’s us strive our best to be a good pharmacist!

You can download the code of conduct here : http://www.pharmacy.gov.my/aeimages//File/Code_of_Conduct-edited_3.6.09.pdf


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