Monday, June 29, 2009

LIT at AIMST University

Introduction - The IPSF Leaders In Training (LIT) program is specially devised to train pharmacy students interested in taking up leadership roles at their local, national or international level so that they can become successful leaders of tomorrow. This program aims to develop better leaders and ensure that there is a certain standard of leadership amongst new leaders every year.

The LIT program also helps its participants to become potential trainers, so that they can provide a similar LIT program with the similar leadership topics to their local student associations.

The program provides various useful training tools to help participants develop their essential leadership skills. Throughout LIT, we can empower pharmacy students to develop passion towards IPSF and the spirit of LIT would also be lit up around the globe!

LIT Program Date - The LIT program will be held on the 23rd to the 26th of June 2009, in AIMST University.

LIT Program Venue - Asian Institute of Medical Science & Technology (AIMST) University , located in Sungai Petani, Kedah is a leading private university was founded on March 15, 2001. In regards with AIMST university motto, “Educating Tomorrow's Leaders”

IIUM Pharmacy students also joined this program by sending Syam, Din, Shamil (rx7th), Shifaa (rx5th), Amal Amri, Khadijah Hasbullah, Jaja & Nisah.

These are some pictures of them. You can click here to explore the real experience from one of the participants. Well, see you all on 13th July 2009.

p/s- Opps,thanks jaja for sharing! We want more people like you. =)


J4J4 said...

Tak sangka plak admin nk letak psl program ni kat blog kelas. anyway, mmg penglmn LIT tu nak dishare bersama.. mybe pasni blh conduct lg progm cmni under MyPSA..rmai lg leaders yg b'potensi dlm kelas kte.. cume tak menyerlah je..jaja sdri pn kne polish lg. wink2

IIUM Pharmacy 6th Batch said...

btl.mmg ramai antara kita yg boleh jd leaders. xpe.kita gerak pelan2 step by step.