Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Exam Timetable (1st draft)

assalamualaikum sume...

minx tolong sume tgk jadual ni n kpd sape2 yg ade overlap subjek, bole bgtau sy a.s.a.p, sbb jumaat tu nk hantar dekat k.wan..

kalau ade sbrg komen/cdgn pon bole bgtau jgk..

terima kasih..^^


Anonymous said...

I'm saif here, I'v looked at the timetable, I also have immunology and pharmacy practice II, which overlap with Pharmacy Practice IV and CN consequently.

farah hani said...

to saif:
how about this:-
on 14/11-immunolgy (3pm) will be changed to the morning session (9am) on the same day.

then, for ph.prac2 (05/11; 3pm)will be changed to Tuesday, 09/11, 9am.n UNGS will replaced the ph.prac2 on friday 05/11..

is it ok?

(sile abaikan english yg beterabur nih.haha)