Friday, September 24, 2010

Attachment C.Nutrition kat spital


next week,,28/9/10 akan start attachment C.Nutrition..refer jadual bwah for each group

for group yg pg kk beserah 28/9/10 ni, attachment start pkl 2.30 sana and naik tingkat 1 ke bilik dietician,Puan Mieza (contact no: 0148348956)akan jumpe and guide korg..

yg pg HTAA, tunggu kat lobi cam biase ikut jadual bwah and tunggu sister hidayah..

GROUP 1, 2 and 3
MAsa: 2.00- 5.00 pm

KK beserah
DAte: 28/9/2010
Time: 2.30-5.00pm
Group: 4,5 n 6

GROUP 7,8 N 9: RESTING GROUP 28/9/2010 (Kite ad 3 session attachment tp setiap session ad jek resting group)

*** kat sana ap kena buat??
kena buat:
Each group will observe the nutritional management and services in the hospital/clinic as below;

1) The scopes of clinical nutrition in the current practice.
2) The case management of specific disease in nutrition aspect.

***refer whiteboard dpn kelas for full information..Group,cari kat post dulu2 or dpn kelas kite

***Setiap group submit 1 only report for each group for each session

1. Introduction (2%)
2. Management of patients in nutrition practice. (4%)
3. Case selection and discussion (4 %)

wallahua'lam..tq :)

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