Wednesday, August 4, 2010

UPDATED Pharm Prac Attachment


Regarding pharm. pract IV attachment, 6 groups were assigned for the full case as follows:

Group 5 (KK Beserah)
Group 8 (HTAA)
Group 9 (KK Bkt Goh)

MTAC Respiratory:
Group 2
Group 11
Group 12

Other 6 more groups will be assigned MTAC Warfarin and MTAC DM later.

The report must be submitted by group (maksudnya 1 group = 1 report je). So, there will be 2 reports (MMT & MTAC Resp) per group to be submitted.

Groups which were assigned to present cases for seminar will need to clerk the case OR just present the cases given by preceptor.

Other groups will write (in part C) on how cases are handled in the respective MTAC clinics in general, not specifically a dedicated case.

Submit in form of hardcopy to IIUM preceptor respectively.

Due date: 16th August 2010 (Monday)

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