Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Assignment + presentation for C.Nutrition

Assalamua'laikum semua

this a new update for C.Nutrtion Assignment + presentation...consult your group leader so you would start your work faster. ni name for group leader and tajuk assignment.

Group 1: Amsyar
Title: Clinical practices of alternative/complementary nutrition therapies.

G2: Faiz Salleh
Title: Age-related impaired nutrition.

G3:Kamil omar
Title: Metabolic issues in clinical nutrition.

G4: Din Mohamad Noor
Title: Emerging issues in nutrition and cancer.

G5:Ahmad ramdani
Title: Eating disorders.

G6: Nizam
Title: Nutrition in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

G7: Helmi rahmat
Title: Paediatric obesity

G8: Izani
Title: Effect of liquid nutritional supplements for diabetes patients.

G9: Zarif Naim
Title:Adverse reactions in nutrition.

** find the issues regarding your topic, as well prevalence, comparison of the prevalence for this year than the previous year (for example) ++ creativity... ini general...buat presentation + assignment like kite nk cerite kat org mengenai itu...
*** please be aware that present will be in WEEK 6 but for written assignment need to be submitted before 3/9/10 (before going back for raya)...any confusion, contact me....

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