Thursday, August 5, 2010

OTC Visit TOMORROW (06/08/2010)


Group 2 will be going to All Care Pharmacy tomorrow (2.45 pm). Here is the topic for each subgroup. For report, we stick to original plan, there will be presentation as discussed.

Group 2 (a):

Che am

1.      Study the usage of mefenamic acid and cetirizine at retail Pharmacy
·         List the available: Brand and strength of the medication
·         What are the recommended selling price and discount price (please request/attached invoice from supplier)
·         List the compound and constituent of these medications
·         What are the modes of action?
·         Indications
·         Side-effects
·         Cautions and contraindication
·         Interactions
·         Dosage ranges
·         Interactions with other supplements
·         Reason for choosing the selected brand for the shop

Group 2 (b):

Amal S
Faris Hanif

2.      To study the factors may influence the patients’ perception on choosing OTC medication.
·         There are several factors which may influence patient’s perceptions of the effectiveness of nonprescription medicines which make it difficult to apply evidence-based principles to them.
·         Based on your visit, discuss the factors with example of medical problems, medicines and supplements involved.

Group 2 (c):


3.      Discuss with your pharmacy what are the common cases presented at the pharmacy for OTC and non-prescription medication. With reference to the problem, discuss about the etiology of the medical problems, what are the compounds available, mode of action and usage of the medicine, list the product available at the store and in market, what do you think is the best medication would you recommend if you are the pharmacist.


Anonymous said...

report tu 2(a) kena wat no 1 jek ke???

marLee said...

mdm xterangkn lg psl repot..cme b4 ni mdm ade ckp presentation skg xjdk cancel..ade blk presentation 2..

yg psl sln2 ni mmg 1 sln tuk 1 small grup..