Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roles of Pharmacy Board

The functions of the Pharmacy Board as defined under the Registration of Pharmacists (Amendment) Act 2003 (Act A1207) include:

1. Registration and deregistration of Pharmacists
2. Registration and deregistration of Bodies Corporate
3. Registration of Pupil Pharmacists (before 2nd September 2004)
4. Registration of Provisionally Registered Pharmacists (2nd September 2004 onwards)
5. Recognition of Pharmacy degrees
6. Approval of premises for training
7. Setting guidelines and standards relating to recognition of pharmacy degree
8. Setting and conducting pharmacy jurisprudence examination
9. Conducting inquiries on unethical practices

Five committees were established to facilitate and assist the Board to accomplish its functions :
1. Evaluation Committee
2. Joint Technical Committe
3. Forensic Examination Committee
4. Training Committee
5. Continuous Professional Development Committee
6. Ethics Committee

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