Friday, September 9, 2011

Dah boleh access

All graduates are required to complete and submit two (2) Tracer Study questionnaires which can be accessed directly at: - for IIUM Alumni Tracer Study - for MOHE Tracer Study

This ONLINE exercise is COMPULSORY. You are expected to answer all questions. Upon completion, kindly print a copy of the survey slips (IIUM Alumni and MOHE) and submit the slips to the person-on-charge at the registration counter when you collect your invitation cards, multimedia cards and convocation attire as a proof that you have completed the surveys.

As a gentle reminder, your failure to complete the survey forms will consequently delay your process in collecting the invitation cards, multimedia cards and convocation attire. All the given information will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL. For further enquiries, kindly contact the office of Alumni and Career Services Division at:

Tel : 03 - 6196 6307/6305
E-mail :

Thank you for your cooperation in completing the questionnaires and we wish you success in future endeavors.


While doing the Graduate Status Check, please check your details accordingly. And if you spot any incorrect details in your personal information, kindly contact Admission and Records Division or A&R (undergraduate) or Centre for Postgraduate Studies or CPS (postgraduate) to correct them.
For graduates who face problems with the tracer system, please contact Alumni and Career Services Division immediately either through telephone or email. You can also refer to us on the robe collection day since a tracer study (TS) booth will be stationed at the CAC during the robe collection day.
We also would like to encourage all graduates to print those slips earlier to avoid last minute difficulties. Printing services will be provided at the TS booth during the robe collection day, we will charge RM 1.00 per page. 

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